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Nessa and her organization focus on helping your leaders lead more effectively through executive coaching and training. Her portfolio of offerings includes "Best Year Yet," a proven system for implementing your strategic plans and achieving extraordinary results while developing your teams and addressing their key performance issues."

Provides workshops, seminars and consulting services that are designed to foster leadership at all levels of an organization.

Career Management Consulting

Professional Training and Executive Coaching

Philip Vassallo, Ed.D.

Communication consulting, writing and editing, writing training, and writing assessment services for business, education, government, human services, and the arts.

also see his Weblog

Art of Resilience

This book is about the art of resilience, the ability to recover quickly from setbacks. Resilience helps us to empower ourselves and others; enhance our ability to live fully; manage emotions; communicate effectively in challenging situations; expand personal influence; and increase our creativity.



Free Online Workshop. Complete your Best Year Yet Personal Plan online at no cost to you! Just remember to enter Partner Code # 368 when asked. Click here for more information.



When presenting, limit yourself to one slide for every 5 minutes of your presentation time.








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