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Q5 - The Five Quintessential Elements of Effective Communication

The Kiely Company, LLC and Madison–Burns & Associates, LLC have formalized their strategic alliance to assist clients in developing leaders for these unprecedented times.


Our newest offering Communicating and Managing Across Generations.





Madison-Burns & Associates, LLC Presents: Communications Strategies for Achieving Business Results

When communication fails or simply isn't all it could be, the fallout may not be immediately obvious.  Problems begin small and cause minor, seemingly unrelated instances of discord, inertia, and inefficiency.  Left unaddressed however, communication problems mushroom into major issues.  Valued employees leave.

Customers complain and then switch to the competition.  Sales stagnate or drop off.  Ultimately, ineffective communication takes its toll on productivity, on profitability, on shareholder value.

Madison-Burns & Associates, LLC specializes in communication consulting and training, and our job is to increase an organization's communication quotient.  We provide programs and services that optimize communications practices across organizations' management, service, and sales functions.  As a result, organizations improve the internal climate and the relationships their employees have with internal and external clients.

Our custom-designed solutions will enable your organization to install practices that:

bullet Demonstrate integrity, professionalism, and continuous learning
bullet Foster trust, collaboration, and teamwork
bullet Improve your customers' satisfaction
bullet Motivate people to action
bullet Resolve conflict
bullet Support creative thinking and innovation
bullet Facilitate change
bullet Promote efficiency, productivity, and profitability.



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